Sound is Not working with Google Chrome browser while playing flash video

I got this problem in my google chrome browser. I am using windows vista OS.

THe sound is working fine with other browser and its not working with google chrome browser.

I try to reinstall my flash player.

I try to delete the content from the following folders as google Baba suggested.

C:\Documents and Settings\%UserName%\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Player
C:\Documents and Settings\%UserName%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash

Still sound is not working with google chrome. Finally find out the real problem. Some times we spend lots of time for a simple thing. lol.

I just click the volume icon on the taskbar and click Mixer and i saw the following thing

I Just increase the volume on google chrome. the sound worked. So stupid. lol. I still wonder did i reduce the chrome volume accidently or Microsoft doing this to people to use IE than chrome? is any one else having this same problem?


5 thoughts on “Sound is Not working with Google Chrome browser while playing flash video

  1. Thanks so much! Had exactly same problem!

  2. […] recently updated to google chrome 23 and sound stopped working again in flash […]

  3. Jack says:

    Amazing lol. It is working now. Thanks.

  4. Tim says:

    i tried this and didn’t work, i have gone to plugins and did the enable and disable instructions and it still dosen’t work

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