How to Import .ICS file into your google Calender?

I am always fed up my .ics files from events opening in Microsoft outlook. I mostly use Google calendar. I tried google calendar Import. Didn’t work. And as usual asked the help from google Baba and found this interesting codeplex app to slove my problem.

First Download the Following File.

Steps from Codeplex Doc

Pre requisites
Windows computer with .NET Framework v2.0 or newer installed. 
Internet connection 🙂

Installation and use
To use the software you need to complete two basic tasks; first configure the application to use your GCal account and second configure windows to use this application to open .ics files. To fulfill these tasks follow these steps:

1. Configure the application to use your GCal account

Download the software and copy it to a folder in your hard disk (it doesn’t need installation).
Open the file gcalicsimporter.exe.config with your favorite text editor and replace:
{User Name Here} with your google user name (or full email if you are using a Google hosted domain).
{User Password Here} with your google account password.
{Your calendar URL here} with your calendar URL. For this URL use:{Your domain here}
if you are using Google hosted domains

if you are using a calendar on a account.

2. Configure Windows to use this aplication to handle .ics files

Using Windows Explorer right click over an .ics file and choose the “Open With…” (or “Choose default program…” if you are using Windows 7) menu option.
Locate the “gcalicsimporter.exe” file in the folder you chose before and mar the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” check box, then click OK.

From that moment on, whenever you double click a .ics file or click a link to one in an application, that file will be opened with the “gcalicsimporter.exe” application and it will read the contents of the file, importing the EVENTS data it finds on it to the Google calendar that you configured.

THe biggest problem with this tool is leaving your
gmail account password on config file with out encryption. Hope soon
google will find some permanent solution. 
if any one knows better solution share it on comments section.


2 thoughts on “How to Import .ICS file into your google Calender?

  1. Paul Schuback says:

    Hello Suresh,
    I appreciate your thought maxim#

    I have got as far as downloading the top-most link#

    The page presented has alot of information. It seems one has to cut & paste coding? I am not that literate yet.

    Also running Linux, is it possible to accomplish this task please?

    Many Thanks,
    Paul-Sydney Australia.

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