No Sound in Google Chrome 23 Flash Video.

I recently updated to google chrome 23 and sound stopped working again in flash player.

its because of the bug in chrome 23. To fix it follow these steps.

Click on the Windows Start button > Control Panel > Sound > select the speaker/playback device and click the Configure button > in theSpeaker Setup dialog that appears, if you have multiple audio channels listed, please test the Stereo configuration, and let us know what happens. select stereo option if any other option selected.

More details here.

update : Still no permanent solution from Google and  the sound quality also not good in chrome. So I installed IE Tab, a google chrome extension which helps me to open the flash player sites in chrome itself (with out opening internet explorer) and no need to change the sound settings.

update2: Still no solution from google. I uninstalled latest version of google chrome and installed the old version(22) from here in which flash sound is working fine. Never go to about google chrome in the menu, otherwise it will update it to the latest version of google chrme.

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13 thoughts on “No Sound in Google Chrome 23 Flash Video.

  1. John says:

    Thanks babu, this fixed the problem for me.

    Cheers, john

  2. Daniel says:

    Works, but quality drops on MBP with Win7. Sound has no bass and sounds like mono.

  3. suresh2blog says:

    yes @Daniel. only this solution works as of now. otherwise use different browser just for flash video until Google fixes this issue,

  4. mike says:

    Lifesaver! worked for me, thanks for the advice

  5. Some Dude says:

    Considering my only option listed is 7.1 … obviously it does not work for me… crazy how much they can screw up flash. Anyway thanks for the info

  6. BW says:

    Only solution that worked, Nov 10/2012

  7. Daniel says:

    @suresh, yeah. I got the bug a month ago with Chrome beta, rolled back to non beta and figured they would fix the bug.. they didnt :-/ And now 23 is live..

    Anyways, since a lot of people need the sound specifically for youtube, you can add this to OP. Enroll to youtube html5 edition:

    Sound works.

  8. Ran says:

    Thank you works great now. 🙂

  9. 2nihon says:

    12/19, this worked for me.

  10. Hi, can’t believe this is still a problem in 2015, seems as these messages are from 2012. I’ve just tried changing the speaker configuration and the only option I have is stereo… when I test it it doesn’t work- says failed to play test tone- any suggestions? My sound works perfectly in itunes.

  11. Nirmayi says:

    having a huge problem, the sound works fine in all other browsers except Chrome……. couldnt solve

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